The Town Center of Virginia Beach

Address: 222 Central Park Ave
Phone: (757) 965-5452
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Category: Plaza
Check Ins: 13038


  • Adam Burrell

    Excellent eats.
  • MyLi Christina

    Beautiful day... walking amongst the humans!...Every1 is in a great mood 2day
  • Sudeen Dasouza

    Mobile Waiters (757-617-8074) delivers your favorite restaurants to your home or business, a must have for the winter season.
  • Dean T

    Have brunch at Sonoma!
  • Biffcheese

    Somehow, all of the sexiest (of-age) women in VB tend to end up here on the weekends. Take one home with you today!
  • Dolores Yandle

    Shop, dine, comedy .. All in one place..
  • Jonathan Overton

    Beautiful place to hang out with friends. A most spot to visit is the 757
  • Calixthe

    it's really not worth more than HH!
  • Aimee

    Great Friday night outdoor entertainment
  • Rufus Sims

    Relaxing under the shade umbrellas while the sound of the fountain is in your background
  • Chera Reid

    Ask for Nik if you want the best customer service at Brooks Brothers
  • AL K

    watch where you park, a lot of break ins
  • Lavonne Pledger

    Took a trip back to the 80's very nice
  • Jo Anne Meyers

    great place !
  • Virginia L

    So much to do, just look around
  • Sharon Stakofsky-Davis

    Love this place
  • Lyn Johnson

    ghudlahara is bland.yuck
  • Chera Reid

    Shout out to Nik at Brooks Brothers for making Brian feel like his #1 customer