AMC Lynnhaven 18

Address: 1001 Lynnhaven Mall Loop
Phone: (757) 486-5665
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 15244


  • David Waterbury

    Sneak in your own food!
  • Alex A

    This is the best theater in town. Go on the weekdays, $5 tickets! Snacks are expensive, but all movie theaters are like that... Enjoy!
  • Carly V

    Go to Uno's first and get a beer then go to a movie ... then go back to Uno's!!!
  • Chris Petersen

    Great IMAX experience and you definitely can't beat the $5 weekday tickets.
  • Andrew Martin

    Get the stubs card worth it !!!! I already made money
  • James Ruffy

    Best theater in VA beach. Can't beat $5 weekdays.
  • Kristen Wilson

    If ya hit up Uno's beforehand you can get a voucher for $7.50 and save a little
  • Ryan Padgett

    Best movie theater in the area.
  • Elan

    Subscribe to their e-newsletter to get occasional coupons for snacks.
  • Barb Watson

    My favorite theater in the beach! Grab some froyo from Swirlz and sneak it in the theatre! ;)
  • Karl Schallermeir

    Anything in IMAX is worth seeing
  • Arnel Tanyag

    Do not forget to bring your Stubs' card
  • Kim Compton

    Nicest theatre in this area--we drive over from Chesapeake to see movies instead of going to the closer ones.
  • Megan Bean

    Really expensive. Nice seating. Kiosk help bypass the lines.
  • Maggie Kavanagh

    sneak in snacks! it's WAY too over priced.
  • Stephen Dano

    Always see movies in imax3D
  • Franchise Monroe

    This Is A Great Theatre To See 3D Movies. 2 Thumbs Up